Adventures with Cata & Ponce

Below are six audio lessons with corresponding songs. This album accompanies The Spanish Corner’s Adventures with Cata & Ponce book (pictured below). The lyrics of the songs form the text of the book and could be listened to simultaneously while reading the book or as a stand-alone album.

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Album copyright © 2016 The Spanish Corner, LLC

  • Lessons and song lyrics by Kate Kiec
  • Music and production by Grady Crumpler
  • Artwork by Beth O’Brien


Chapter 1:

Audio Lesson: Greetings
Song: Hola, buenos días

Chapter 2:

Audio Lesson: Names
Song: ¿Cuál es tu nombre?

Chapter 3:

Audio Lesson: Emotions
Song: ¿Cómo estás, mi amigo? ¿Qué tal?

Chapter 4:

Audio Lesson: Colors
Song: Los colores

Chapter 5:

Audio Lesson: Numbers
Song: ¿Cuántos dedos hay?

Chapter 6:

Audio Lesson: Farewells
Song: Hasta luego